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Automate the daily tasks you perform on your Windows PC
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Dealing with day-to-day repetitive tasks not only takes up valuable time, but it also widens the possibility for us to neglect the maintenance of our PC. Ellp has been devised to automate all the most common tasks, from productivity to performance and from security to entertainment, to help you save time and to make your computer behave just the way you always thought it should.

Its nearly 40 different “cards” or tasks try to cover what Ellp believes are the most common needs that PC users have as well as some useful tools that surely help to manage our time better. Thus, when it comes to productivity, you will find cards to organize your PC when it gets crowded, to open your favorite app whenever you turn on your computer, or simply to remind you to do something every day. In the Performance section, you get warnings when your PC has been working non-stop for too long, when your battery is fully charged or half empty, when an app is slowing down your PC, when you’ve lost your Internet connection, or when your downloads or other files are piling up on your PC. In the Security area, we only find two cards – one to get an alert when our e-mail is involved in a data breach, and another one to perform a privacy clean-up whenever necessary. Finally, the Entertainment section is full of some trivial tasks – such as being notified when the International Space Station passes over your location – and some more interesting ones, like saving your media downloads in your favorite folders, opening Skype, Spotify, or other website when you plug in your headphones, or mute the sound when you unplug them or when it’s time for bed.

Configuring the way all these tasks will work for you is a simple three-step operation. Just choose one card, modify its parameters, and activate it. Each task comes with one or more customizable parameters – it can be a folder name, a program, or a specific time of the day, depending on what the task has been designed to do. Once it fits your PC and your personal requirements, all you need to do is activate it and leave Ellp to warn you – or do whatever you set it to do – when the time comes or when the specified conditions are met.

Useful as all these tasks surely are, at the end of the day it is up to each user to decide how helpful Ellp really is for their particular day-to-day PC use. The idea is great, and nearly all potential users will easily find a dozen cards they’d like to activate right away – which are trivial or expendable, and which are really useful and do make you more efficient is a matter of mere personal opinion. If only Ellp would allow us to create our own cards in an intuitive and simple way, the possibilities of making a wider use of this free tool would grow exponentially. Well, the program has just come out of beta, so there’s ample time to expand and improve its features and to add further functionality to a very promising tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Cards are clearly organized by themes
  • Covers all the most common tasks
  • Simple three-step card activation
  • Customizable actions


  • Doesn't allow you to create your own cards
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